Mediation of Property Damage Claims in Florida

In the Middle of Every Difficulty Lies Opportunity

Mediation Services

Portions of Florida have been devastated by Hurrican Irma. Such destruction results in many claims for property damage. For claimants and insurers, it is important to swiftly resolve any contested claims. David Carlton is a certified civil court mediator who is very familiar with property damage insurance disputes. David is formally trained to identify and understand the legal issues involved and to facilitate a resolution regarding property damage claims in Florida. Contact us today to see how we can help you with these claims.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Parties can focus on their true needs and interests.

  • Parties have control over the voluntary negotiation process.

  • The parties save an enormous amount of time, energy, and expense.

  • Parties avoid “win-lose” and “lose-lose” outcomes that result from litigation.

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